Love Quotes, Short & Cute Love Quotes for Him/Her With Images

Quotes play an amazing role in our lives. They put a smile on our faces when we are sad, they give us strength when we are low, they inspire us when we are broke. Quotes are of different kinds and meanings. One such beautiful category of quotes is ‘Love Quotes‘. Love quotes are very beautiful as they put a smile on our face and tears in our eyes together. They melt our hearts when it acts like rock, humble downs our souls and plays a tune of love in our minds.

Love Quotes For Him and Her


There are many beautiful love sayings and quotes written by different writers and authors in this world. They all try to convey a unique message with their quotes. Some quotes are so heart-warming that they instantly bring our eyes to tears. Many love stories are narrated just in the form of quotes; one single line in the form of a quote narrates the whole story. True lovers can always make out the deepest feeling narrated in the quote. It is such a beautiful art of expressions that no one needs to say anything in any form, just one single line will elaborate the complete expressions in the nicest possible way. There are millions of quotes which have become very popular among today’s generation. Every now and then these quotes are used to inspire and bring back the energy level of the person.


Best Love Quotes for Him


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